Hostgator Promo Codes – February 2015 Update

coupons for hostgatorNeed a Hostgator Coupon Code for February 2015? Get the latest Hostgator Promo Codes below and slash the cost of hosting with Hostgator significantly. These promo codes are all working for the current month.

Working Hostgator Coupon Codes (2015) are as follows:

TOP30 : this coupon is by far the best and most valuable especially if you looking to pay for a longer term. The coupon will reduce your first payment by 30%.

TERMINATE25 : the value of this coupon is 25%. Clearly the promo code above will give you a better bang for your buck.

COMMONCENT : looking for one cent hosting? Then this coupon is for you as it gives you hosting with Hostgator for a single cent in your first month. Valid on the Baby or Hatchling Plans.

WIPEOUT995 : this coupon will reduce your payment by $9.95. Valid on all plans!

Where to Enter These Hostgator Coupons (2015)?

After you have chosen your hosting plan from Hostgator you’ll be directed to the payment page. On the payment page where you enter all your particulars you will see a field toward the bottom of the page with a coupon (SNAPPY) populated within. Remove that coupon as it is not as valuable as the coupons above and replace it with your chosen coupon on this page. Don’t forget to click the “validate” button. Just copy and paste :)

January 2015 hostgator coupon code

Where to See Hostgator Discount Total?

Your total discount can be seeing in your order details below the field where you entered the Hostgator coupon code 2015. Note: if you using the 30% off Hostgator Promotion Code your discount will increase significantly should you pay upfront for a longer time period


Is Hostgator a Good Web Hosting Provider?

Your website is your online asset regardless of its purpose. If you starting a website to blog about something you are passionate about, then your thoughts and words published on that site is what makes it valuable. If you have a profit motive to start a website then that goal in itself is what makes your site an investment. Once you begin seeing your site as a real investment you will instantly realize the importance of choosing a reliable web host who will help you achieve your goals and not become an obstacle to achieving your online goals. Web hosting companies who do not offer a stable server environment with great speeds coupled by top-notch customer service should be instantly dropped from your list of potential service providers. Let’s analyze these factors to help you determine which host is a good fit for you:

1) Server Up-Time: a server that is constantly down will result in loss of visitors to your site. All your promotional activities can come to naught if potential visitors cannot access your website due to a server that is down. The web hosting industry’s current standards are at least 99% uptime, anything less is definitely not acceptable. Many hosts will offer this to you but they will not deliver. Test the up-time of your host by using a service like which lets you know how often your website was not reachable. Do the simple calculations of multiplying the uptime guarantee by 24 hours which will give you an estimate on what is acceptable. Here is an example:

Uptime Guarantee 99% x One Day (24 Hours)
= 99% x 24
= 23.76 Hours

This basically means that your site should be up for 23.76 hours each day. Check statistics over a month as sometimes a host could encounter troubles on one day and be perfect for the rest of month.

2) Website Load Speed: while there are many factors that affect load speed and some of these are a result of how your website is designed, the amount of media on a page, and even the amount of traffic to your website at any given time.

A slow load time which can be the result of the web hosting provider is usually due to having too many domains on one server or there could be a few sites that are hogging resources which could impact your website. Services like that offered by Domain Tools ( which is a paid service can help you look up information about a server. Poor outdated hardware that is not configured well and has not been maintained regularly can also cause a deterioration in performance. This facet will have to be analyzed by a professional who understands hardware.

If you are having troubles with site load time, first examine your own website to see whether the troubles are caused on your end, if not, ask the host to move you to another server. Thereafter ask your host to check why your site is running slowly. The good web hosts will help in this regard. A great tool offered by Google to help you increase your page load speed is called Page Speed Insights and can be found here:

This tool will actually give you information on exactly what needs to be done on your end to optimize page speed.

3) Customer Service: this aspect is integral as without it you can often feel lost at sea without anyone in sight. A good host will offer 24/7 support. Some will offer phone, email and live support but really what is essential is for your issues to be tackled immediately regardless of the medium used to contact the hosting provider. Stay away from a web host that does not offer around-the-clock support. Your website could encounter problems at mid-night and you will need help at that moment. People visit websites from all over the world and as such your website is receiving hits through-out the day and night.

A good hosting company understands this and they provide the resources to meet the needs of their clients 24/7/365.

Receiving courteous and sincere support from your host is also essential. You are the customer and if a support staff member gives you lip then it is time to move on. Don’t subject yourself to any form of insincerity from a hosting service provider. Of course, respect is a two-way process so you also have to treat people with humanity and sincerity to receive the same in return.

These 3 factors are critical when analyzing the quality of a web host. The only time you can truly determine whether these factors are adhered to by your host is after you have signed-up. As such, choose a web host who offer a minimum 30 day money back guarantee. This will give you time to put the host you have chosen through the litmus test.

Do Hostgator Meet These Requirements?

Thankfully, as a Hostgator user I can say they pass the test with flying colors. They meet and exceed all these requirements. With the Hostgator Coupon Code 2015 found above you can literally test them without any cost and added to that you have a 45 day money back guarantee. It is a bit cliché but this is certainly a “no brainer”.